Apr 22, 2009

New Oil Paintings in the Works

I have received a few e-mails asking what I am working on now. Well, this is it. I want to put together a series of studies on textiles. When you have a father who is skilled upholster for decades and a talented mother who is a wonderful seamstress, you are bound to develop a love (almost obsession) with fabrics. In fact, I have now limited myself to only buying fabrics that I absolutely love and will use immediately. If not, textiles will take over, and I do not want that.
Well, this series started with some silk scraps from Japanese kimonos that I had plan to use as a table covering to set an apple on top as a still life. Somewhere along the way the apple got wrapped in the fabric. Vicki Murray, another brilliant seamstress with a similar passion for fabrics, has given me some beautiful spoons that I plan to incorporate in another painting with some different fabrics.
Neither is finished, by the way. I am waiting for this to dry so that I can fix mistakes and so forth.
Oh, some of you have graciously brought to my attention that my new posts are not showing up on your lists of blogs you follow on your dashboard. I have put in a request for help with that issue and hope it gets resolved. A couple of you have made some suggestions, which I tried, but they did not work :( . If there are any more suggestions, I would love to try anything to get this fixed.—Thank you, Liz, for letting me know that this now is resolved.


  1. absolutely love it.....very clever I'd been looking each day and never saw anything new.

  2. I LOVE these pieces you are working on Carolina! They just POP!

  3. Hi - It's working!! Whatever you finally did, it solved the problem. You're updating on my dashboard now. (yea!!) These are beautiful. What a talented family you have. Looking forward to seeing more of your paintings! :-)