Apr 13, 2009


This building just shouts "Creative people within!"

I always get asked "Where can I learn to draw, paint, make jewlery, etc.?" "Why don't you teach more?" or "I wish I knew a place where I could do my arts and crafts." I am so excited to share my answer--AtrzPlace. It is open, clean, and filled with inspiring work from teachers and students. There are so many classes, you are bound to find that one thing you have always wanted to learn to make, paint, etc.
They have classes for all ages and space if you want to host a class for friends or maybe rent a room (they are huge) for a friendly critique of sorts. The most exciting thing is that I will be teaching a ceramic class for children this May. It will be a blast! So, all of you who have been asking me for years to teach, this is your chance. I hope to see you there.

Later on, I want to teach an adult (16+ yr. olds) enamel class. I love working with enamels, but not very many places teach it. I have had the great pleasure of being in Charleen Weidell’s metalsmithing class where I got to play with enamels. I have also had workshops from great enamellists where I picked up some pretty neat techniques that I'd love to share.
Sheridan Scott, a good friend and talented jeweler, teaches classes there also. Kids get to play with precious metal clay in her class. How cool is that?! She also teaches some adults how to play while making jewelry.

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  1. So I'm wondering how much it would take to move this creative building and all the people inside to AK for the summer? Too much? It looks wonderful. I will have to check more into our local art scene, there are classes available but much fewer and further between.