Jan 1, 2015

Being Daring in this New Year

Rose in Red,  Oil on 9"x12" Linen Panel
Private Collection 

Woohoo... Yes, daring! Me! It was 3am and I had a commission for a 9"x12" painting, which in itself is such a frightening thought to me. So, I took colors that were left on my palette from the previous day's paintings and played with the colors. I really REALLY loved the resulting colors and gestural strokes and didn't want to make a mess of it by fussing with it too much. However it was not "me" and so came the pink rose (also from the previous day's paintings. I'm very pleased with the results and fortunately so, is my wonderful and daring patron.
I always look forward to painting berries. They each have such a wide variation of color that I could stare at them and never tire. So, what to pair them with? Don't you think these sweet little antique bowls are perfect for pairing with them? 
We should all be a bit more daring this New Year.
Thank you for the lovely visit.
Still Life Raspberries in Bowl,  Oil on 4"x6" Linen Panel

Private Collector in Doddinghurst, UK
Berries with Bowl Still Life,  Oil on 5"x7" Linen Panel

Private Collection in Lebanon, IN

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