Aug 13, 2013

Easel Sale and Spanish Class

I'm trying to clear up my studio and get ready for the Fall, while saving up for a Sienna All-in-one easel to take out and do some landscape paintings. The painting on this post is on sale for $29 plus $4 shipping/handling within the continental US and $10 everywhere else. Half off shipping with more than one painting are ordered and shipped together. Please, e-mail me if you are interested, with the description of the painting and your mailing address.

Still Life with White Hydrangea in Pewter Bowl,  Oil on 5"x6" Linen Panel
I wanted to share what I've been painting this past week. The students come back to school this Thursday and I am ALMOST ready. I teach 5th-6th Grade Spanish. I take any opportunity I can to infuse art into my class.
The painting of the little girl in the yellow is a copy I did of one of Gustavo Montoya's lithographs. The red painting with the hummingbirds is inspired by Mola textiles and the the blue one with the wings is a nicho/retable for Frida Kahlo.

The frame painted on the wall is to showcase student artwork, and along with the frogs I painted to go with a Success class I teach to the 5th graders.

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