Jan 19, 2013

My Picasso from Tiffany's

Still Life with Tiffany Box and Rose,  Oil on 4"x6" Linen Panel
Still Life with Fruits in Bowl,  Oil on 5"x7" Linen Panel
A couple of Valentine's ago, I received a Picasso from my high-school sweetheart, my sweet husband. Okay not a Pablo Picasso painting or vase or any of the other items he created, but rather a heart necklace created by Picasso's daughter, Paloma Picasso. I love my necklace; and I must say, I was rather giddy with joy due to the fact that it came in the beautiful blue box that we all know so well. So, this week I created a painting of my blue box. The colors make me crave Spring even more. I hope you enjoy it.
Cherry Still Life,  Oil on 4"x6" Linen Panel
Private Collection


  1. You have such a soft touch with edges, Carolina. All three are beautiful. My favorite is the cherry though!

    1. Thank you, so very much, Diane! You are so sweet.

  2. I also love the story and the three paintings esp the cherry lol

  3. Thank you. I look forward to painting more cherries soon. I love their brightness.