Jan 6, 2013

Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin and Me

Still Life with Pear and Ceramic Jug,  Oil on 4"x 6" Linen Panel
I have admired and so loved the quietness of Chardin's work for years. These gloriously timeless works have inspired my latest paintings. The one above being the first completed. I am excited about what he has taught me through the brush strokes he left on his canvas.

The jug in the painting, I found during my Christmas visit to San Antonio. One of my sisters, spoiled me by taking me to the cutest antique shop I have ever entered and gifted me a gorgeous antique glass vase and a beautiful enamel container, both of which I can't wait to include in still lifes.


  1. Beautiful, Carolina. Especially nice reflections in the bottle.

  2. Diane, you have no idea what joy your words bring to me, as I am such a fan of your fabulous work! THANK YOU. You made my day.
    XXXXX Carolina

  3. I to have been under Chardins spell for years, your painting honours him.


    Frank Laszlo.

    1. Frank, thank you for honoring me with such a lovely compliment. Carolina E.