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Pears and Hand Painted Wallpaper

 Forelle Pear and Flowers  6"x6" Oil on Linen Panel
Bartlett Pear and Flowers 5"x7" Oil on Linen Panel
Since we've moved, I have been eager to paint the walls to make them look like hand painted silk. A few weeks ago we went to the used book store and I found some wonderful books with photos of such wonderful style of antique wallpapers. I love the worn look and the layers of separated color created by the process of screen printing. Then I thought how wonderful it would contrast with the gradual transition of value in the fruit paintings I make. I had done a couple of paintings when I first got my book (both paintings sold), and I couldn't wait for the chance to do more. That is the plan once Fallbreak comes around. I hope you like them also.


  1. very nicely done.I wish I could paint my walls like that lol

  2. I did mural painting for a while. I also restored antique painted furniture (that was funner), but I don't think I want to do either one again. It takes too long :) YOu are are great artist. I so appreciate your comments.


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