Jul 24, 2011

Oil Painting is Nothing Like Riding a Bike

Peonies in Silver Vase, 5"x7" Oil on Linen Panel
Nope, oil painting is more like what Darwin said--you know about losing what you don’t use. It's been a while since I've put to use the few painting skills I had acquired over the last couple of years. Being big-headed, I decided to start with a complicated composition which included an antique teapot, glass bottles, some Chinese lanterns and a couple of other things. All this ended up in a small muddy mess. So, back to the beginning until I take some notes and do some trouble shooting trying to avoid Einstein’s definition of insanity. I hope to show you that one in a week or so.
Until then, here are the paintings that I was able to complete.

Cherry No.5, 4"x6" Oil on Linen Panel

All these pear paintings are of the same pear.
Due to the drought we are experiencing, I have no flowers, which I've waiting so dearly to paint. I think it's time for a visit to Iris's flower shop.
I hope for you a wonderful day.
Pear Half, 5"x7" Oil on Linen Panel


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