Sep 26, 2010

EAA Hosts a Demonstration by Anne Spoon

Still Life Oil Painting by Anne Spoon
JOIN US FOR: an oil painting demonstration by Anne Spoon
WHEN: Monday, September 27th, at 7:00PM
WHERE: Fine Arts Institute in Edmond
Everyone is invited. The cost is $2 for nonmembers, FREE to members
Oil Painting by Anne Spoon
It has been a great year working as president of the Edmond Art Association. I learned so much and met amazing artists that have made an astonishing impact in my life as an artist.
The World Wide Web has also been a great way to connect artists and it reminds me of how small this world really is. Zipping through blogs, I came to find Anne Spoon's blog and of coursed loved her work. Who wouldn't; her work is phenomenal! It has a gentle mystical air that makes it so inviting and soft, but definitely strong. Similar other artists that have mastered the craft of oil painting; she is able to impart that talent and skill into still lifes, landscapes and portraits with confidence.
So, I've continued to visit and admire Anne's blog. To show how small this world is, Leslie Lienau, has arranged for Anne to do a demonstration for EAA. I have the honor invite you to join EAA for that very demonstration this Monday Sept.27th at 7PM. I have learned so much from the demonstrations I have seen this past year. All the artists have been very informative, talking not only about the techniques they employ, but also about medium they preffer and even a bit about their art business experience. If you are at all interested in oil painting, this would be the one to absolutely not miss. I hope to see you there.
Spring on the Illinois by Anne Spoon

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