Jul 13, 2010

Ahhh Fire... Kiln and Torch Fun

So, Sheridan (remember, the owner of A Jeweler's Art Gallery) called me and let me know she was sold out of my enameled earrings. Cool, huh?! So it was time to crank up the kiln and get that torch lit. It was lots of work, and I had to put the oil paints up for a few days, but I had lots of fun. I always enjoy using my powertools.
Almost all the earrings are reversible, so you get two pairs in one. I try to use black enamel on several. Oh, I endulged myself with a necklace, as seen on the photo, and a couple of pairs of earrings (Not shown. I forgot to photograph them.)


  1. Hello! Nice works... I like...
    Kramar = (Hugs)Roger

  2. These are great. Where are you selling them?