Mar 15, 2010

Treasures from Mockingbird Manor

Painted Box with Mudman 4"x6" Oil on Linen Panel

Oklahoma has great antique shops. My favorites are the ones in Guthrie, OKC, and others in Bethany. Oh, there are some in Edmond that I enjoy visiting also. How could I forget? Like most antique shops, they are filled with all sorts of things that I recognize from some time in my past or from a past in which I’ve romanticed as a wonderful time to have been in.
The little box and the mudman from this painting I found one of my favorite shops, The Mockingbird Manor in OKC. I always come out with something great from there.

Rice Bowl with Tangelo 4"x6" Oil on Stretched Linen

The rice bowl is part of a large set that I found at the Co-Op, also in OKC.
Every year, around Valentine’s Day, we (my girls, their girl cousins, and friends) celebrate by having a “tea party.” They dress up with whatever the theme is. This year it was Asian inspired. I made a couple of kimonos and everyone took pictures under our arch that I always decorate with wisteria. Next year the theme is French. Please send me any recipes you may have for French food.

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