Mar 16, 2010

SARAH CAPSHAW demonstrates for EAA

Collage Painting by Sarah Capshaw
Collage Painting by Sarah Capshaw

Collage Paintings by Sarah Capshaw

I have always admired how some people are so exceptionally able at manipulating words. Sarah Capshaw is one of those people. She manages the English language in a manner that makes everything sound so very clever and poetic. Sarah continues her unique handling of text in her mixed media artwork, combining bits of paper and found objects while playing with color in order to share with us her dreams and experiences in an aesthetic manner.

The Edmond Art Association has the pleasure of hosting a demonstration by Sarah Capshaw on the techniques she employs to create her collage paintings.
When:Monday, March 22 at 7:00p.m.
Where: The Edmond Fine Arts Institute
Cost: ONLY $2 for non-members, FREE for all members of the Edmond Art Association. Contact the EAA if you would like to join. I got hooked with a demo. This would be a great one to come to.

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