Jan 29, 2010

Studio in a Box

I am so glad that we had plenty of warning before this big snow fall. I had ample time to order linen panels and purchase the things I needed for my special box, pochade.
I have a wonderful easel that my sister, Lety surprised me with on my birthday. I absolutely love it. The only problem is that working with miniatures sometimes calls for a lot smaller easel. I purchased some, but they just didn’t have everything I needed like my big easel does. So, I thought I would make my own (sort of). I purchased a large unfinished wood cigar box and some hardware (some of that was on an old box). I already had paints and gold leaf (Ezri and I have been on a metal leaf kick).
A small piece of metal sits on the top so the clip, which has a magnet can be adjusted to hold on to several sizes of canvases. The bottom has a piece of ply-wood that I cut to fit for the pallet.
If the pallet is lifted, there is plenty of space for brushes and a few panels.
The painting is a combination of a painting of an Etruscan girl and a photo of me. I was limited with paint colors since I was just using some left-over crafter's paints the girls used on a previous project. But I don't think the Etruscans had a huge color pallet at hand, either.
I am so pleased with the end product. I call the pochade my “Studio in a Box”. Ezri doesn’t like that, so she calls it the “Magic Box.” Robert wants to keep it for his office. I might have to make another one for him during our next snow day.

Now, it’s time to continue the paintings I have been working on for the last two weeks.


  1. Carolina, your Magic Studio box is beautiful!! Love the colors.

  2. How super. makes me want to make one too.

  3. It's gorgeous!I like your combination of the Etruscan girl and yourself.