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Oil Painting: showing a bit more improvement

Cherry I Oil on Canvas 6"X8"

Lemon I Oil on Canvas 6"X8"
I think I have gone full circle. When I was growing up all I wanted to be was an art teacher. In fact, when I started at school at OU, I wanted to major in Art Education, but they did not have that there. So, I thought I would get my degree in Fine Art. Then I changed it to photography. That was way too dark for me. I need lots of light. When I went to UCO I changed my major to Interior Design. At the time I was working at the Fabric Factory in Oklahoma City and some of the interior designers would mention that I had a knack for the field. Plus, working with my parents at their upholstery shop I knew textiles, furniture styles, and had measurements down. Anyways, I loved the history of interior design, and even enjoyed the regulations part of it. I detested the drafting part-which is pretty big for interior designers. After a year of drafting it was all I could take. I changed my studies for the last time back to Fine Art and graduated from UCO in 2006.
I have always volunteered in one way or another—I think everyone should, by the way. I must say though, it is not all selfless. I really get great pleasure and look forward with great enthusiasm to be of service to my community, especially when it comes to working with children. I have been contemplating teaching for a few years now. Part of it is knowing how much my art teachers gave to me and the difference it made in my life. I want to give that back to others. The other is that I believe I will be very happy doing that and that I should give it a try, or in the future I will regret not having done so.
As a few of you are aware, I am in the process of acquiring alternative teacher certification. I have passed the exams!!! I was so happy. Now, we will see where life takes me and my family with these new opportunities. For now, I will go back to school and work on my Masters.
I am, of course, grateful to Gail Sloop for writing me a wonderful letter of recommendation and for being great moral support along with my other dear friends and loving family. I am truly blessed to have a wonderful group of cheerleaders behind me, no matter what plans I may have at the time.


  1. Why don't you like it? I do.
    You are a greta artist.:)

  2. I am unsure the look you are going for. Everyone will agree they are beautiful. I see nothing wrong with your work, further more didn't you say this is something new for you and have always wanted to paint in oils maybe your expectations exceed your experience so far. As we all know practice does make perfect. (protectionist) Are they just not as brilliant as you expected? they Do look very realistic.....I like'em a lot

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  4. Well, I sure can't see what you don't like about them! I think they are beautiful---and the one cherry was certainly worth the bag! LOL hope the girls enjoyed!

  5. I like your very soft paintings; we all have to do more exercise;-)

  6. Good morning. Eftichia and wish health, hello Michalis

  7. It is always hard with the oil. You have to be happy that you worry. Uncertainty means that you are already painter. So carry on worring and paintinga. And I shall carry on enjoying your works.

    Happy painting

  8. I think like yesterday that they are great!
    Looks so real you can eat it lol

  9. THank you for your beautiful comments. I also recieved some great insight addressing some issues that I am having. That was great. There were some things that I knew, but I did not know how to fix and others that it just takes a different eye. Thank you. I truly appreciate your wonderful comments.

  10. Carolina,
    Thanks so much for your nice comments on my blog. I am glad that I have found you. Your art is lovely!

  11. Hi,

    Your paintings have the pleasant feeling of those illustrations made for books before photography was available or at its development stage.
    I quite like the one with the lemon.

    Best regards,


  12. I like these paintings. The bird evokes a mood of serenity and perhaps nostalgia.


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