Jun 6, 2009

Oil on Linen Pendants

Peonies in Blue Vase
Oil on linen, .925 SS, Citrine, Peridot $240

Antique Pink Rose I
Oil on linen, .925 SS, Cherry Quartz $260

For You II
Oil on linen, .925 SS, Faceted Blue Sapphire, Aquamarine

Tulips in Painted Mexican Vase SOLD
Oil on linen, .925 SS, Citrine, Blue Sapphire


  1. Very beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing :-)

  2. ooh my gosh I love each of the finished pieces.....

  3. thanks for the lovely compliments. your work is quite lovely! you paint dear little pieces, and it was nice getting to see them in person and meet you on paseo!

  4. Hi Carolina, I am so happy to come over to your site. I think my jaw dropped when I saw these pendants. They are really amazing. And, of course I love all the flowers! I look forward to seeing more!