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With Brushes in Hand

Pink Rose II Oil on Canvas 6"X6"

This is a painting of one of my first roses of the season. I am not the best at gardening, so I am always so thrilled when something comes up. Of course, roses tend to be easy, so I capture a lot of them in paintings. When it comes to gardening, I plant whatever I like, with no thought to all the "rules" that come with gardening.

Apples I Oil on Canvas 6"X6" SOLD

I wanted fabric on the background, but I did not have one on hand that was subtle enough. I was inpired by a painting I saw of cherries. Apples are just as nice, I think. I wish my photos were better. I need to pratice taking pictures with my camera.

I also finished these two. I haven't decided which one of these will go the Water Street Art Gallery. The rest I will put on my Etsy shop.

Oh, I have to brag some more about my children. Ezri's drawing won a contest and will appear on a Child Abuse Prevention calendar. Alexia was one of the MC's for the Teen Arts Council at the Arts Festival announcing the great Oklahoma talented teen musicians. She also sold her artwork at the festival!!!!! I am ever so proud of my girls! It was a fabulous weekend. I hope that yours was just as grand.


  1. Aww that is awesome about the lil lady's that is super neat. Way to go girls. I really enjoy the juicy apple. The color from the red rind on the deli cable eatable part of the apple. Nice. I think the English rose in the tea cup is fancy too. Love'em so you have 6 more canvases to go. you mentioned Esty I had no idea you have an account on there, sale'n your work. Show me the way ( your page addy) super cool. lovely

  2. Simply gorgeous Carolina! I'm especially fond of the pear *smiles*

  3. You tried to describe the fabric pear and you know I can't "picture" things in my mind but it is just beautiful! Congratulate the girls for me--I'm so proud of them both too! C, keep up the work--these are great and you're going to wow them at the gallery!

  4. I vote for the colorful pear! It's unique and will stand out. I'm happy for your girls too! Mine are artistic also, but they've never really moved that way. I've really wanted them to explore their artistic side but they don't seem that interested. Go figure!

  5. Wonderful bright and soft colours, beautiful paitnings, they make me smile :-)

  6. LOVE the rose! Let me know if you ever sell prints. Iy would look lovely in my Gypsy Wagon!

  7. Your paintings are so lovely! I like to do paintings like this in the middle of winter, to remind myself of the coming spring.

  8. Beautiful paintings, Carolina Elizabeth. I like the rose on the simple ground--let's us enjoy it's perfection. And ditto for the apples. They're lovely. Congratulations on your girl's successes! You should brag. What a very creative and talented family you are :-)

    Also--R. Garriott has an excellent blog on photoshop and digital photo tips in addition to a great painting blog.

  9. Hi Carolina,
    I love your work! The paisley pear is so unique and creative.

  10. Thank you all for your wonderfully kind feedback. I look forward to creating many more paintings and sharing them with you. Thank you for sharing your beautiful art with me.

  11. love the apples :) Beautiful work...

  12. lovely rose and apple I have to try painting some Flowers are not my forte lol

  13. Hello Good 1 May. I salute you, Michael

  14. Your first roses of the season is so special...LOVEliness! Lovely weekend to you as well dear!!!


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