Mar 18, 2009

SheezKrafty in Oklahoma

SheezKrafty is a small Oklahoma business founded by two college friends, April and Briana. They are inspired by found objects with a history coming from a love of antiques and the desire to be responsible with the environment. Briana calls it ‘upcycling’—the idea of taking forgotten jewelry and creating beautiful wearable art with it. They have a very clever way of mixing the old with the new to construct these one of a kind jewelry pieces. You can see some samples of their art work on their website and Oh, and I think that it is super cool that they have Orquesta Buena Vista Social CLub's song Candela playing on their site. I love them! They play old soul-big band-Cuban jazz that will make you want to dance even if you have two left feet. You can hear the song on their site, of course, or

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  1. This is very cool but of course I'm a little proud because she's (Briana) my daughter.