Mar 19, 2009

Artists Supporting Artists

I have decided this year that if I cannot make or paint something as a gift for a loved one, I will purchase the gift from another artist. Most of us seem to be some what starving artists, but there is a lot of wonderful art work at affordable prices that can be a perfect start or addintion to a loved one's art collection.

Check out your local galleries for gifts before hitting those huge "everyone has one" retail stores. There are also lots of sites (you can find some on "my favorite links" on the right) where artists sell one-of-kind Daily Paintings. They are generally small, but most are painted by professional artists and have great designs--new and old, that would be perfect for any individual's taste.

Recently Alexia and I visited an art glass gallery here in Oklahoma City. Their glass work is amazing, and yet it surprised me that the prices were more than fair. Any of them would make a special wedding present-definitely not another toaster. Paseo Pottery also has beautiful vases made by several diferent artists, so you will find that perfect gift.

We all have artists in our communities who we admire and whose work inspire us in many ways. Let's support those artists and at the same time make our creative community a stronger one. Happy art hunting.


  1. Good suggestion. I have tried to do this for baby shower and wedding shower gifts. Last year I found the sweetest baby ensemble hand-crafted at a craft bazaar. Even though I hadn't made it, I felt good given it as a gift since I knew it had been lovingly made by someone else.

  2. You know. I think I am going to adhere to this, also. What says you love someone more than giving them a gift that comes with a story? Thanks for giving me the reminder that I needed!


  3. Good morning, I saw the page with enthusiasm, and sends a reply, Michael Greece

  4. Wonderful plan! I've been trying to do that since the first of the year and it's a great feeling giving gifts that are unique and hand crafted!

  5. Hi, Carolina Elizabeth, I'm sending the Passionate Painting award your way....

  6. Great thoughts... thanks for checking me out too... I look forward to inspiring one-another :) I love your encourageing idea of buying from and promoting other artists!