Feb 28, 2009


Alexia and I have "discovered" the most delightful little shop in Oklahoma—Sabi. For starters, the two owners are the most welcoming women you will ever meet. The place is peppered will all things beautiful. Where ever you turn your eyes are treated to the best eye candy—inspiration through color. I feel indulged by just walking in. Their web site is not up yet, but it is expected to up soon. I will post the link at that time. Oh, and the name Sabi means "things that gain beauty from age". I love that! You should pay them a visit so that you can feel spoiled also. The address is: 3703 N Western Ave., Oklahoma City.


  1. Looks like a fun store - I always go to stores like that and think "I could make that" but then I never get around to doing it. I love window shopping though.

  2. Thanks - looks like a great find.