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Pages from my Artist Journal

My sketchbook is one of my favorite material possessions. I wish that I was better with words, because I love how some artists combine beautifully clever writting with their drawings.


  1. I love that you keep a sketchbook. I too love to let my creative side out...I draw, paint and write. However, I have the hardest time making myself take time for it. It seems like there are always chores, errands, etc. to keep me from it. Maybe just starting a sketchbook would keep me going.

  2. Hey, if the selected page is very good
    Michael from Greece

  3. I keep a sketchbook too... lots of them... but I can't draw! Lots of words, but I'm waiting for the pictures to magically draw themselves. YOUR drawings are wonderful. Thanks for showing us!

  4. Your pages are beautiful! I'm wondering if you're familiar with Clare Walker Leslie's book Nature Journaling. It's a great one.

    Thanks for your recent comment on my blog?

  5. Thank you. I will look for it. I love to see artist's journals, almost as much I get excited about seeing their studios. When they feature artists studio, I always study them intently and pay attention to things in the background--tools, inspiration, or maybe works in progress that show how their brains work.


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